Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 3

Week three and I'm not any further along than a week ago. Haven't gained, but haven't lost either. I realize that my spiritual health is most important and I also realize that if I neglect my physical health I won't be around for my spiritual health to be of any benefit. Yes, yes...they are intertwined. If my spiritual health is as it should be my physical health will follow. My prayer life does not consist  of me asking God to lose weight, no. It does not consist of me asking God why do I have diabetes? Or why can't I lose weight like I used to be able to, no. It doesn't even consist of asking for knowledge, wisdom, exercise equipment, or time to exercise.  I already have all I need. It's me, I make the choices. I make the excuses and the justifications, I'm pretty good at making those. So, you're probably asking yourself, what do I pray for? What I need is to be constantly reminded to eat correctly, exercise regularly, and to do all this not for me, but for God.To give God the honor and Glory. Our Heavenly Father Blessed us with our bodies. We need to take care of them while on this earth. So, my prayers do consist of... Holy Heavenly Father please help me to have the proper food prepared and handy for meals and snacks. Lord please help me to know that every poor choice I make reflects on You! Precious Jesus help me to keep my eyes on You when I want chocolate sooo badly! When I want something crunchy and salty! When I'm lazy and tired and want to go to the bed instead of to the exercise room. Most of all, I pray that I will let the Holy Spirit fill me and know that it's not about me! Thank you friends and family for supporting me! Comment on this for your needs or private message me. I want to support you as well. 

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